Open up for new learning and keep connecting with new people is also part of what we do at Out Of Office. As a studio who is working with futures and trends, we understand that trends do not really matter if we don’t fix the climate crisis. And you cannot…

Cities designed with a gender perspective and inclusivity in mind is not a new concept and we at Out Of Office are not the only ones discussing it. However, it is a hot topic nonetheless. Last year, a renewed and growing mainstream narrative occurred around emancipation, gender and inclusivity —…

Photo credits: Anna Hyvärinen

On September 5th, the Service Design Lab from Aalborg University in Copenhagen organized a workshop at the Techfestival in Copenhagen “Designing and Innovating Urban Environments,” hosted at Gehl Offices (Architect company making cities for people).

The aim of the workshop was to explore innovative solutions in the urban space. With…

Kirsten Van Dam

One of the founders of ‘Out Of Office’, works on trends, insights, and innovation. Also part of the Service Design Lab in Copenhagen.

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